Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Few New Years' Resolutions

I, Rebecca, hereby resolve for the year 2009:

1) To watch every Yankee game I am able, and not to turn the game off, even if it is a loss--even if it is a blowout loss.

2) To update this blog at least once a day and not twice a month, even if I don't have much to write about.

3) To make my way to the new Stadium at least once (and preferably more than that)

4) To do all of this and still (somehow) complete my MA thesis.

5) Voy a estudiar màs español porque tengo que tomar un examen.

6) To attempt to see another major league baseball park besides Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium/CitiField and Fenway Park.

Have a happy and healthy new year, and please stay safe!


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Happy New Year. Hope that school is going well and that the work load eases up so that you will be able to watch many Yankee wins this season.

  2. Hola Rebecca -

    Happy New Year! May your studies go well, may you enjoy your graduate school experiences, and I hope you are successful in achieving your resolutions. They seem pretty reasonable!

    I'd suggest trying to see the Yankees play in Baltimore.

    Y, buena suerte con su examen del Espanol.


  3. Happy New Year.

    I've been to every MLB ballpark except one.(the new Nationals park in DC) Of course next year it will jump back up to three.(new NYC parks)

    I agree with Doreen - check out Camden Yards in Baltimore! It's my favorite.

    Check out Babe Ruth's birthplace and museum too. Just 60 sidewalk painted baseballs away from Camden Yards. (or in NY terms - three blocks) ;-)