Thursday, November 13, 2008


The Yankees have acquired Nick Swisher and a pitcher, Kanekoa Texeira from the White Sox in exchange for Wilson Betemit, Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nuñez.


1) Swisher might not be a great player, but we got him cheap.

2) The funny thing is that the pitcher we acquired in the deal is named....Texeira. So we can't complain about not getting Texeira, even if it's not the one we originally wanted.

3) I have no idea if this means we aren't going after that *other* Teixeira, but hey, you never know. At the very least it seems to say that Cashman and co., are serious about tightening up that roster...and possibly making more room for CC.

4) What the hell were the White Sox thinking/smoking? They got Betemit! Okay, so just because of that, he's going to win the AL MVP next year...

Anyway, I need 35 sources on women and work and late medieval Nottingham. Oh, this is going to be so much fun...


  1. I like this move a lot.. Gives us flexability... And don't think this means that we won't go after the REAL Tex... because we will.. it will just give us leverage.. it also might mean that Damon/Nady (more likely Damon) is going to get moved and Swisher could play the corners.... you never know with Ca$h , he's one sly motha truckaf

  2. Jason, Matsui may also get traded away

  3. I hate this deal if it means we don't go after Tex. Swisher is just another first baseman/outfielder and we've tried those, plus he hit .219 last season.