Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Winner of the Contest

The winner of the Ludicrous Trade Proposal Contest is....


With his entry:

Kei Igawa, Hideki Irabu, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano


My precious time back that i spent watching them start games for the Yankees :(

So Alex, if you would as so kind as to email me at, I shall arrange for delivery of your very, very mysterious prize!


So apparently there's this offseason going on...grad school keeps whooping my ass so I am vaguely familiar with the fact that the Yankees declined Giambi's and Pavano's option and Abreu filed for free agency and Pettitte wants to come back and pitch and nothing official from the Mussina camp, and I think I got everything?


Anyway, if there's any serious breaking news, I'll have a post. Maybe. Perhaps a week or two after it breaks...


  1. Good job alex - I submitted #2 but I voted for yours, in remembrance of that lost time...

  2. i'm not sure yet, i havent gotten an email back from her