Friday, September 11, 2009

One for the Bulletin Board

Today on SIRIUS XM’s Mad Dog Radio channel, host Gary Williams spoke with actor Matt Damon, who was on to promote his new movie, “The Informant,” and the charitable foundation he supports, “One X One.”

This will be of interest to Yankees fans:

Williams: “Meanwhile, your Red Sox, they’re only about 19 games back of the Yankees. Do they have anything for them in October?”

Damon: “Yeah, of course, man. October comes and everybody is 0-0. All we need to do is back into the wild card and we’re fine. We’re fine. Listen, New York, they’re going to collapse. They’re still, I mean, nobody on that team has won a World Series in... I mean, Jeter has but the rest of them…

Williams: “Posada has, Pettitte has…”

Damon: “Nine years ago these guys won the World Series. They got so smoked by the Red Sox in ’04, I mean, I’m telling you, man. They’ve got the yips. They’re going to fold like a cheap suit. You watch, man. You watch. If we make it into the playoffs, man, we’re taking them down.

Look, I've never met Matt Damon (though I'm sitting here with Dogma on TV), but I'd be thinking here that the team that's, you know, 91-50 and 39-8 since the All Star break doesn't actually need the extra motivation...

Ah, well, I mean.

It's not like the Yankees haven't taken seven of the last eight six of the last seven against the Red Sox including a fifteen inning walk-off and an eighth inning comeback victory.

Or that their only pressing concern is their #4 starter.

Or that the Red Sox are nine games back.

Or that this team is putting up a team OPS+ number similar to that of the 1927 squad.

Or anything.