Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ALCS game start times announced

From various sources:

ALCS games times, all eastern:

Game 1, in New York-7:57;
Game 2, in New York-7:57;
Game 3, in Anaheim-4:13;
Game 4, in Anaheim-7:57;
Game 5, in Anaheim- 7:57;*
Game 6, in New York-4:13;*
Game 7, in New York 7-8:20*

* = If necessary.

All games on FOX.

I don't really get the 4.13 start times, though I guess the idea for Game 3 is to avoid a conflict with Monday Night Football.

Still, a 1.13 PM start time for those in California can't be too appealing, especially a game six which could likely be decisive.

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