Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Hangs on AJ

For the first time this postseason, the Yankees find themselves behind, down in a series and in much need of a win.

While comparisons to 1996 invoke a certain romanticism, it is not a position in which any Yankee fan wants to find his team--as fun as a come-from-behind series win would be, a series tied at one game a piece is still a much better option than being down 0-2 and having to go on the road.

So it falls to AJ Burnett to shut the door.

AJ Burnett, who has been so predictable--the same pitcher that surrendered six runs to Baltimore in one inning is also the one who one-hit the Red Sox through eight.

Burnett's unpredictability is nothing new--in fact, it's probably the most consistent thing about him.

Tonight, the Yankees need the "good AJ" to show up and shut Philadelphia down, and, well, not repeat his outing the last time he faced the Phillies.

AJ wants to be a big game pitcher; this is his shot.

He still needs a little pie, after all.