Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reasons to Love Spring #189724249

+ Getting an email telling you that the copy of Baseball Prospectus you ordered way back when in October has shipped from Amazon headquarters....

Yes, I'm a geek.

Still, anything and everything that can remind me of spring is good enough for me, for the moment.

As you've probably seen around the blogosphere, Jorge Posada looks pretty good, Phil Hughes has bulked up and CC Sabathia is having no trouble fitting in.

Alex Rodriguez is supposed to speak to reporters later this week; Jeter, Pettitte, Jorge and Mo have all said that they will stand behind them.

Rings count for something...


  1. Reminds me to pick up my copy soon. Thanks.

  2. Just picked mine up over the weekend. I love that book. I'm also addicted to the Bill James Handbook. I know most of this information is available online for free or for a yearly subscription, but there's nothing like the tangible feel and smell of a fresh copy of one of these to tell you spring is here.