Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shadow of Summer

I felt the sun on me today.

The bright blue sky, the parents taking their babies out for a stroll.

On the D train Chinese immigrants hollered Wallies, One Dollar, One Dollar, Wallies while two Mexican men did their best Mariachi impersonations.

In the middle of February, I remembered what summer is all about: the warm, the comfort, the vitality.

The sight of toddlers in the playground and teens on the basketball court.

The smell, sightly musty, perhaps, but, also the smell of hot dogs, pretzels and other street vendors.

The sounds, a steady beat, a steady pulse of the City's life.

It's not really fair, this tease. Spring is not even official for another six weeks.


For this brief, shining moment, we remember why they play baseball in the summer--because it's when you're most alive.

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  1. Good Smoking comment on Pete's blog

    made me laugh