Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow, Spring Training's On It's Way

I can't really believe that after everything Spring Training starts tomorrow.

I can't believe, even more, that we've gone since September without any Yankee baseball.

You know how ready I am for this?

I had a nightmare last night--not about family or friends dying, or getting caught in a tornado or the world exploding or anything like that.

I had a nightmare that the tickets I ordered for the 4/18 game never arrived.

Yeah, I think I'm ready for some Spring Training.


  1. Last week I dreamed I was coming through a doorway somewhere (who knows where) and coming out was Brian Cashman. Needless to say I forget what he said to me. Well, it's bad enough remembering I dreamed about Brian Cashman to begin with. I mean...honestly...

  2. Around here the wind is gusting up to 60 mph...Yikes!
    I take it you are not going to any spring training game?
    Loosing your tickets is A Nightmare of the first careful! Have a safe and happy summer, into the fall classics. WS or they still say that?

  3. REBECCA! What happened - you broke your New Year's resolution?! No posts yesterday =(

  4. Anon--alas, I spent all day doing coursework :/

    Still, I have 70 posts for this year and as there have not yet been 70 days, I am still on a pretty good pace I think...though the trolls would disagree =P

  5. It has to suck for someone as ugly as you to not have a boyfriend haha

  6. To Anonymous, stop being a jackass. It's easy to take pot-shots, to someone who is good enough to host your worthless behind I might add, when you won't even bother to put an actual name or face to your insipid screed. You define cowardice.