Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome to Spring Training 2009!

Welcome to Spring Training 2009, here to help you recover from Winteritis and Lackofbaseballitis, not to mention HotStoveLeague-coli and WhereWillTheySign-fluenza.

Please note that while all treatments are voluntary, there are some side effects. These side effects include:

1) Reading about your baseball team in a non-competitive scenario
2) Discovering more than you ever want to know about some players (like Joba and Brackman's nipple rings, for starters...)
3) Reading writing from sportswriters marooned for two months in Florida and Arizona.
4) Occasionally forgetting that in NY it might still be in the 30s
5) Compulsive comparison to see who bulked up and who slimmed down
6) Compulsive temptation to start a blog

The owners of SpringTrainingCure assume no liability should you suffer from any of these conditions.


  1. Rebecca, pitchers and catchers and today as a whole was the cure for what ailed me. In addition to the pre-Opening Day opening day, I also got tickets to see the Yankees play in Chicago August 1 and 2. Huge day.


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  3. Thanks for the diagnosis, what pills should I take?