Sunday, August 9, 2009

Feel the Thunder (or some such)

Along with Brent (@bnycz), Gayle (@gcf123) and Stefanie (@stefmara), I went tonight to the Trenton Thunder game.

I am much, much too exhausted to do a detailed report, so I'll leave it at: it was awesome, and provide you with some pictures.

How close were we to the field? There's no zoom on this picture. NONE.

Lining up for the National Anthem.

McAllister warming. His first start after coming off the DL; rumored to be limited to around 50 pitches or so.

So I used the zoom on this one, I know...

PJ Pilitterre (I know I didn't spell that right. It's late and I'm too tired to look).

Yes, the dog is carrying the bat back to the dugout.

We didn't actually talk to any of the players, but one came right up to the fence, leaned against it, nearly invaded Brent's personal space and...said nothing.

Another kept giving us weird looks when Stefanie and I started talking about our favorite at bat music.

Reliever and spot-starter Kanekoa Texeira. He came over in the Nick Swisher deal, and has probably the coolest name of anyone not named Jesus.

Bromance, dude, bromance

Trenton had a walk-off win in game one. Chris Malec. He does it fairly often; it's like he caught the disease from the big boys' club.