Thursday, August 28, 2008

Giambino (Postgame Notes 28 August 08)

All season long we've heard about and talked about how Jason Giambi has not been clutch, killing the team in important situations, hitting .205 with runners in scoring position.

Today, by himself, he may saved the Yankees' season.

Starting the game on the bench, Giambi didn't look like he would be much of a factor, but Joe Girardi guessed right and pinched hit with Giambi for Molina with two outs in the seventh inning. Giambi crushed a two run home run to center, and at once re-energized the Yankees enough to win the game.

Mike Mussina had some of his better stuff today, though, as has haunted him his entire career, he did not get the win. The quest for 20 wins is alive, though it is fading. Still, if it wasn't for Mussina, the Yankees would likely not even be a .500 team. Mussina has, quite simply, been amazing this season.

As a ballgame, today's game was a classic. Great pitching from both Mussina and Lester, and from both bullpens, and, of course, late inning drama. For the final Sox-Yankees game at the Stadium, it was certainly fitting.

Now the Yankees get to welcome Toronto for three--and once again have to deal with AJ Burnett and Roy Halladay. The Yankees can't let that faze them, however--they're in such a situation right now where they simply have to win every game they can.

There's still a month left.

Anything is possible.

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