Saturday, August 9, 2008

SoCal SoBad (postgame notes 08 August 08)

The Yankees, it seem, have a physical inability to win baseball games in Anaheim.

This would be not a big deal if the Yankees were not in the middle of a pennant race--one in which they are outsiders looking in.

By all accounts, the Yankees have a beat up pitching staff, and the only reason Ian Kennedy was starting tonight was because there was no other option. Phil Hughes is still at least a start away from being a viable candidate.

This does not excuse Kennedy's poor performance tonight, but it might help explain it.

Still, only two innings from Kennedy was the last thing the Yankees needed. It doesn't just mean that Kennedy had a bad outing, but that the Yankees were forced to use Darrell Rasner for an extended period of time.

While Rasner pitched well, it effectively means he will be unable to start until Wednesday, and the Yankees are now short a bullpen arm.

Brian Bruney had an evening he would rather forget--when he entered the game, the score was 7-5, and the Yankees were clearly still in the game, but by the time the inning ended, they were down 10-5. It's admirable that Bruney worked his bum off to be able to come back, but an outing like the one tonight was not what the Yankees needed.

In terms of the offense, the Yankees did not have an awful game. Most of the time, five runs should be enough to win the game.

As one poster on LoHud Yankees says,

Two of the pitcher on your opening-day rotation have a total of zero wins. Your ace is gone. Your all-star catcher, who seems to be a clubhouse leader, is gone. Matsui is gone. You have a new manager. Your replacement ace is injured. Not one single person on the team, with the exception of Mo, is really even having an above-average season.

It really is a miracle that the Yankees are still in contention for a Wild Card spot.


The Opening Ceremonies were marvelously well done. I was especially touched by the story of the boy that walked with Yao Ming (who was carrying the flag for the Chinese delegation).

He had been in school during the earthquake a few months ago. He pulled himself out of the rubble, and then went back to help his classmates.

Why? Because he was one of the class leaders and it was his responsibility.


  1. I do agree that with all of the injuries the Yanks have had, it is a miracle they are contention for the WC. But if Kennedy has to stay in the rotation that could change. He was awful last night.

  2. I'm officially giving up on Ian Kennedy. He seems to lack what it takes to make the transition to the big leagues. Maybe he could do well on a small market team, but he can't handle NY. His post game comments will likely draw him boos if he ever takes the mound in NY again.