Sunday, August 24, 2008

O How Sweep It Is (Postgame Notes 22-24 August 2008)

While you were busy lamenting the death of the Yankees season, they went and swept the Orioles.

In Baltimore.

With Mike Mussina, Carl Pavano and Darrell Rasner as the starting pitchers.

Okay, so outside of Mussina's start, there wasn't much 'pitching' going on in the series, but at this point, the win is the only thing that matters, and the Yankees just got three of them.

Today, the Yankee offense was able to pick up after a poor showing by Rasner, and though it wasn't easy--it was a long, almost Boston-type game--they were able to take a win heading into the off day tomorrow.

As it stands right now the Yankees are five games out of the Wild Card--they would, of course, raather be closer, but five games is not un-doable.

There is no understating how important the upcoming Boston series is--if they get swept, they would be at least eight games back. It always comes down to games with Boston, it seems...

The Yankees will need Andy Pettitte, Sidney Ponson and Mike Mussina all to be up to the task.


  1. A Yankee sweep with Mussina, Pavano and Rasner as your starting pitchers? Who saw that coming at the beginning of the year? It's been a strange, strange season.

  2. Rebecca - so true. No matter the standings and the schedule, it always seems to come down to the Red Sox.