Monday, August 11, 2008

Slip Sliding Away

The next time the Yankees get a hit with a runner on third base, I'm opening a bottle of champagne.

Their season is in free fall. They had a chance to win every game this weekend and didn't win any.

Tonight, they're playing flat, as if they really don't care.

You get the feeling right now that this team would rather be anywhere in October than the Bronx.

A shame. Yankee Stadium deserves better than this.


  1. This is really and truly pathetic. How can you waste good pitching performances by Ponson? The wildcard still is within reach but just barely. I don't know that managers have that much influence. They don't hit or pitch yadda yadda yadda And maybe if Torre was still here it wouldn't matter but it's certainly not a credit to Girardi.

  2. It's too bad that the final season of the stadium is turning out to be such an abysmal one.

    I've lost faith in Girardi, sitting Damon and Giambi in place of Christian and Sexson. If you want to make a run at the wild card, put your best hitters in the lineup.

  3. There is no more time to rest anybody. They'll have plenty of time to rest in the off season. Every game is an important game and you need your best line-up in there.

    I also think that the Yanks made a huge mistake in giving Cano a long term contract. They had him under their control and there was no need to give him the contract. He just seems like he doesn't care and has mailed it a long time ago.