Wednesday, August 6, 2008

(I would make a really, really crappy motivational speaker. Yay!)

All right, Yanks, listen up.

You've got some ground to make up in the standings, and not a whole heck of a lot of time to do it.

I understand that this season has been hard. Right now, in fact, you have only one starting pitcher that was in the rotation and active on Opening Day, and that's Mike Mussina--and dude, Moose, there's no justice in the universe if you can't get to 20 wins this year. More than ever, you deserve it this year.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about--the injuries. When the bug bit, it really went all out--it didn't just take pitchers (including our current "ace" and by most accounts our future "ace" as well), but it took our shortstop, third baseman, starting catcher and our left fielder/designated hitter as well; the latter two for most of the season. That's a tremendous part of the offense--no denying it.

That said, guys, you can't wallow in that misery.

Fact is, the line up still has the power to be potent--or did you not just score fourteen runs against the best team in the league?

I know at the beginning of the season I said that one of the things about optimism is the belief that anyone, on any given night, can be the hero of the game. I didn't mean, however, that everyone should try to be the hero.

Just think about this--in the eighth inning tonight, instead of hacking away, Robbie Canò took pitches and worked his third walk of the inninng, which brought Richie Sexson to the plate, and, well, you saw what happened there.

Robbie wasn't trying to play the hero, and it helped get the team back into the game.

Look, I know three back in the loss column in the Wild Card looks pretty daunting right now, but that's not the only way to look at it. All you have to do is win the games you play. Take it game by game--leave worrying about the big picture to Joe Girardi. It's his job to wory about that.

Remember Mariano Duncan in 1996: We play today, we win today, das it!

The only thing you can control is the game you are playing on that day. You can't control what Boston or Tampa does, so don't worry about it.

Instead, focus on winning your own games. If you play hard, with heart, and don't give in, even if you're down by five runs and only have one out left with which to worrk, you'll start winning more games.

Right now, that's all that matters.

You're still in this. You have enough games left with Boston and Tampa that right now, saying the season is 'done' is incredibly premature.

Don't give up, don't give in, play hard, play with heart, and win.


  1. The Yankees have had a lot of injuries but then other players need to step up. Last night they hit into 4 (or 5?) double plays with the bases loaded while Texas gets a bases clearing double with the bases loaded. The Yanks have got to have at-bats that look like they care.

  2. "Fact is, the line up still has the power to be potent--or did you not just score fourteen runs against the best team in the league?"

    Strange motivational point. 9 were unearned. A-Rod should have grounded into a double play to end the big inning. That's like praising a student who gets an A but knew half the answers before the test.

    I take it you're grasping for straws.

  3. Yanks better pick Moose up the rest of the way and give him run support so he can finally get his 20. He should have beaten Clemens for the Cy Young if it were,t for lack of run support and Torre's misuse of him late in games.Almost all his numbers were better than Clemens and they still gave him he Cy....Moose deserves better, nuff said.Check out my blog