Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bobby Meacham Fired

Bobby Meacham has been fired.

This move was not unexpected, though what is perhaps most interesting is to see how Girardi deals with the loss of one of his hand-picked coaches, the other being bullpen coach Mike Harkey.

Much of the in-house criticism leveled against Joe Girardi had to do with his over reliance on Meacham and Harkey to the exclusion of his other coaches; perhaps part of the thinking is that removing Meacham from the fray will force Girardi to better utilize his other coaches.

That, or Meacham simply was that bad as a third base coach.

No replacement has been announced of yet.


  1. Meacham was that bad.

    I'm glad the Yankees did the right thing and didn't let Girardi's sentimentality get in the way.

  2. The Yankees have always fired a coach as a way of sending a message to the manager (e.g. Stottlemyre). Plus Meacham was not good at 3rd base and I would assume as a former infielder he would have been the one working with (sitting on) Cano. And how did that work out?

  3. Yeah, I'm not usually one to think that firing a coach makes much difference, but Meacham seemed to have a lot of bad decisions down at 3B. We might have been spoiled by how good Bowa was...