Saturday, October 18, 2008

Memorabilia Auction falls Short of Expectations

For all of you that think that the Yankees won't be affected by the economy, take a gander at this article from ESPN about a failed Stadium memorabilia auction, including the last home run ball.

Among the main points of the article

  • More than 400 items had been up for option
  • A collection of 15 World Series and American League championship rings belonging to a former Yankees' owner fell over a quarter of a million dollars short of expectations
  • A Mickey Mantle car expected to fetch at least $50,ooo sold for only $34,000.
So while I imagine anyone reading this blog probably doesn't have a spare $350,000 to spend on a ring collection, it's not the point.

Does the auction immediately impact the Yankees? No, it doesn't...but it does illustrate that the problem with the economy isn't just in the big banks on Wall Street.

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  1. American League Championship rings? The Yankees tend to ignore the teams that just won American League Championships. The Yankees are the 26-time World Champions, not the 39-time American League Champions.