Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Grand Trade Proposal Contest

It's that time of year now, where all the ridiculous trade proposals come flying out the wazoo. Melky Cabrera for Albert Pujols. Julio Lugo for Tim Lincecum. So on and so forth.

YOUR TASK, should you choose to accept, and you should because the off season can get boring otherwise, is to come up with the most ludicrous trade proposal you can imagine...but, since that in itself is fairly easy, I'll throw in a few of the following parameters:

1) Players involved must be current, active players
2) Players must have seen at least AA action in 2008
3) Any deals that include prospects MUST include at least one play who saw Major League service time in 2008
4) Teams can't trade within their own division, or with cross-town rivals (no Yankees/Mets, no Sox/Cubs, no Dodgers/Angels, no Giants/Athletics)
5) Players must not have full NTC clauses. If a player has a partial NTC clause, he may only be traded to a team that is listed as exempt from his NTC clause.
6) Propose as many trades as you like, but each player can only be traded once.


Entries will be judged via a supersecret methodology, in the form of some sort of poll open to the general voting public, because we all need to practice our voting skills!


The winner shall recieve some form of inexpensive Yankee memorabilia. Should the number of entries exceed five, the second place person will recieve a prize, and should there be more than ten entries, third place will recieve a prize as well.


The Deadline for Submissions shall be the Last Out of the World Series, so get your entries in now because we don't know for sure how many games the World Series is going to go!


  1. Anytime anyone uses the word "package" in a trade proposal you know it's going to be a pack of useless guys for some other team's best player(s).

    I'll think about a 'package' and submit...

    Also, you missed our Rams beating the Yalies today at Rose Hill, 12-10... Four turnovers by the Fordhams or would have been a bigger spread...

  2. jerry, after four years of Syracuse, I tend to stay away from college football!

  3. The entire Mets bullpen (Wagner included) just for the rights for Omar to haggle with the "all-magnificent" K-Rod on what will be his 2009 salary price.

  4. Here you go... Starting pitching, established center fielder are big needs, so...

    Yanks "package" Darrell Rasner, Chris Britton, Wilson Betemit and Justin Christian, wrap it in a pretty box and ship to San Francisco for Tim Lincicum and Aaron Rowand.

    The Giants would get FOUR (!) GUYS, how could they turn that down? If they insisted, Yanks add Shelley Duncan or Chase Wright...

  5. Madonna for Anna Benson?

    (And Syracuse is the epicenter of Yankee blogs; not only was yours based in the 'Cuse, but the city is also the home of the main offices of our "It is High ..." blog.)

  6. Kei Igawa, Hideki Irabu, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano


    My precious time back that i spent watching them start games for the Yankees :(