Friday, October 31, 2008

The Ludicrous Trade Proposal Contest Entries

Please vote, in a comment or via email @ , as to which entry you think would make for the craziest, wackiest, the omg-what-was-he-smoking-and-where-can-I-get-some trade this off-season!

1) "The entire Mets bullpen (Wagner included) just for the rights for Omar to haggle with the "all-magnificent" K-Rod on what will be his 2009 salary price."

2) "Yanks "package" Darrell Rasner, Chris Britton, Wilson Betemit and Justin Christian, wrap it in a pretty box and ship to San Francisco for Tim Lincicum and Aaron Rowand.

The Giants would get FOUR (!) GUYS, how could they turn that down? If they insisted, Yanks add Shelley Duncan or Chase Wright..."

3) "Madonna for Anna Benson?"

4) "Kei Igawa, Hideki Irabu, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano


My precious time back that i spent watching them start games for the Yankees :("

Voting will remain open until...oh why not...12.01 AM November 5th!


  1. Rebecca -
    I'd say #2 - the Yanks package. As wacky as it is, I'd love to see it happen! And #1 - the Mets bullpen isn't even worth the talking rights to KRod.

  2. #4 bc I'd like that time back too

  3. #4 is funnier. But #2 fits Rebecca's well-thought-out criteria. Voting is fun!

  4. #4
    At my age, I could use the time back...that is/was a bad site to see. 27/09.

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