Friday, October 17, 2008

Can You Believe What We Just Saw?

All right, before I write this post proper, I need to stress that I'm writing this as a baseball fan, not as a Yankee fan. Don't worry, I hate the Red Sox as much as ever.


Part of the reason baseball has the magic it does is because on any given day,anything can happen.

Unlike the other major sports, in baseball, there's no clock to run out.

In football or basketball, you can build an insurmountable lead and then play easy the rest of the way--if you're up, in basketball, by 30 points with two minutes to spare, you're pretty much set.

In baseball, it doesn't quite work that way.

The young Tampa Rays learned it the hard way tonight, building a sizable lead and then treating it as though it was a guaranteed win.

As for the game itself, however, regardless of what happens in the rest of the series, this will easily go down as a classic LCS game.

Last year's postseason was generally void of excitement; this year's has had some incredible games, and now, it looks like, one incredible series.

It's been a while since we've had a classic Postseason game, a game that reminds you why October is so important, but tonight we had one.

Tampa still has a three games to two series lead over Boston, but if Yankees' fans learned anything from 2004, it's that one game can change the feeling of an entire series. If tonight wasn't that type of game, I'm not sure what is...

On the bright side, it looks like Joe Maddon did well switching Kazmir and Shields, and now has his ace on the mound for Game Six.


  1. Just saw your blog. Looks great and you have a link to pretty much every major Yankees blog out there and you're easier on the eyes than that Pete Abraham (Love Pete's LoHud blog though). Tonight's game actually reminds me that life is totally unfair.

  2. jj--Thanks for stopping by!

    Your comment reminds me of a line from The Princess Bride:

    Life is pain, and anyone telling you different is trying to sell you something

  3. Hope that Tampa is not affected by this loss. They were 7 outs from the World Series and coasting. A loss like that can really put doubt in the minds of a young team. They need to wrap it up Saturday in Game 6. If it goes 7 I hate to say it but I think Boston would win.