Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Derek Jeter Takes on the Yankees: A Liveblog

(It's one of those things, if you don't liveblog it, it didn't happen)

[1.14 PM]: Phil Hughes starting? Is Team USA looking for a practice game or... batting practice? Just kidding. Well, maybe sort of.

[1.17 PM]: Al Leiter John Flahrety in the booth. I liked him a lot more last year than I did in 2007. I suck.

[1.17 PM]: Still kind of hate Dustin Pedroia.

[1.18 PM]: The GIDPs from Jeter continue...

[1.19 PM]: Nice play by Ransom.

[1.21 PM]: If being 6'0" means you're not a big man, what the hell am I? (I'm 5'3", for the record)

[1.24 PM]: You think maybe Gardner wants that CF job? Nice single.

[1.25 PM]: Nice hitting by Teixiera to let Gardner get to third.

[1.26 PM]: Jorge says, "shoulder injury? What shoulder injury?"

[1.30 PM]: I like the idea of the WBC, but there really is just no good time to have it. It would be kind of interesting, perhaps, if the teams used minor league rosters--that way teams don't have to worry about losing so many of their 25 man rosters (the Mets have lost 11, apparently)...but, you know, sensible things never actually happen.

[1.32 PM]: Nice K for Phil.

[1.34 PM]: I repeat. Nice K for Phil.

[1.38 PM]: Nice play by Pedroia. I still hate him (well, as a baseball player, anyway).

[1.43 PM]: Ryan Braun is all sorts of awesome. Have to give members of my tribe their props =D

[1.46 PM]: Well, uh, at least he's pitching inside...

[1.49 PM]: So now Jeter comes up Captain Clutch...

[1.49 PM]: NHL mention, and how they stop games for the Olympics, and, speaking of the NHL, dude, the Devils have been all sorts of awesome.

[1.50 PM]: That's it for Hughes. All in all, a pretty decent showing, but he's still gotta stop hitting batters.

[1.53 PM]: I love me some Coke. Well, not that base hit there, but I still think he's awesome.

[1.56 PM]: Why hello thar, Ted Lilly! Nice mumblin'.

[1.58 PM]: Hey! Brett! What are you drinking and where can I get some?

[2.00 PM]: Gardner can fly.

[2.06 PM]: Adam Dunn and Ryan Howard should have a contest to see who can strike out the most in a season...

[2.09 PM]: Striking out Dunn and Braun? Yeah, I'm addicted to Coke.

[2.12 PM]: John Flaherty and Michael Kay: Slashtastic. Only not really.

[2.18 PM]: And there goes the cable feed.

[2.21 PM]: Dunno what happened now, but it's the top of the next inning and the score is still 2-1 USA.

[2.25 PM]: Yeah, still addicted to Coke. I expect the DEA to be knocking on my door shortly.

[2.30 PM]: I know someone that will kill me for saying this, or at least that it will put a damper on our relationship, but I am really impressed with Gardner right now. Great double, going the other way.

[2.34 PM]: Good thing Hacker isn't a hitter...he'd probably have to change his name or something.

[2.41 PM]: Well, Hacker's not doing much of a good job pitching, so maybe he should hit or something. And that was just a really bad play by Berroa.

[2.51 PM]: Wonder if this Dunn has any relation to that other Dunn...

[2.57 PM]: And what do you know, Dunn comes through.

[3.01 PM]: Nice hits for Jorge and Nady.

[3.11 PM]: Nice 2-run GR double for Swisher, 6-4 team USA.

[3.17 PM]: Wait. DeRosa played for BC and John Flaherty played for St. Joe's? Holy crap. And hey! I've been to West Nyack multiple times! And my high school, Indian Hills, took on BC in Mock Trial a few times...dude, this is so weird!

[3.21 PM]: Great outing for Dunn.

[3.30 PM]: Melky in now...and...now he's out.

[3.38 PM]: Nice explanation of the flag facing backwards on the jerseys. Now, if only I could get it in English.

[3.49 PM]: So, to be honest, I've kind of stopped paying attention. That's the great thing about Spring Training though, you can put the games on like background music...


  1. Did I mention that you're awesome?

  2. What a lively conversation Kay is having with Ted Lily

  3. No matter how tall you grew, you'd never be a big man. :-)

  4. I hope your Twitter forgives me. :(