Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some more Random Spring Training Thoughts

*I know some that read this will disagree, but I agree with Gardner starting over Cabrera. Gardner has performed better over the whole of Spring Training. Gardner also offers speed on the bases that the Yankees haven't really seen since Homer Bush.

*The pitching looks pretty darn good so far. Sabathia, especially has been impressive, and Burnett, if we forget yesterday, has not been half bad himself. Mariano Rivera, however, is on another plane of existence altogether.

*I can't help but think if the Yankees batted Jeter first last year they may very well have made the playoffs. The move seems so obvious given Jeter's declining power and speed.

*I love that the Yankees have so many bullpen options. Phil Coke may very well end up the unsung hero.

*I have three fantasy teams, and they all have some of the same core, especially with pitching. Brian McCann is my starting catcher on two of the teams. I've come up with the basic philosophy that it's better to draft at 'thin' positions--like SS and Catcher-first, than to go after, say, (a healthy) Alex Rodriguez. Which would, of course, explain why a pitcher has been my first pick on each team...

*I'm going to see the New Stadium on Friday, but the forecast is cold and rainy. I would have much preferred going on Saturday, but I have other commitments. Actually, the only way I can go Friday is by missing the beginning of the game, when all the fun things happen, but it's always better to go than not go at all. I will take pictures and post them as soon as I can.


  1. The thing with the Jeter Damon thing is, most numbers people say that the lineup really doesn't matter all that much and at most it will only add or subtract one win.

  2. Cabrera has had a good spring but he's never done much to impress me in the field or at the plate, and certainly not on the bases. The way I see it, you might as well give Gardner a shot.