Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Surgery, but Rest and Rehab for Alex Rodriguez

According to Pete Abraham, quoting Brian Cashman, Alex Rodríguez has a torn hip labrum and cyst, the cyst was drained, and the team is trying rest and rehab.

Before you get all excited that Rodríguez won't be going under the knife, remember that the Yankees originally tried rest and rehab with Jorge Posada and Hideki Matsui last year, and, well, we know how that went, as both went under season-ending surgery.

I don't know much about hip surgery; Stephania Bell of thinks that recovery from that surgery could take as long as 19 weeks

Hips are different things than knees or shoulders, and it's hard to believe the Yankees, after last season, wouldn't mandate Rodríguez getting the surgery if they thought it the most prudent option.

Then again, we are talking about the team that thought Kei Igawa was a good idea...

In the meantime, while the Yankees have some in house options for third base, none is much higher than a replacement-level value, but you can't exactly replace Rodríguez's numbers, especially with someone that's only been signed or traded for to play until Rodríguez is healthy again.

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