Thursday, March 12, 2009

I WIll Never Make This Much Money in My Life

Players with 0-3 years of major league service time signed contracts today. This is how it broke down for the Yankees:

Cody Ransom $455,100
Joba Chamberlain: $433,000
Jose Veras: $432,975
Edwar Ramirez: $422,450
Brett Gardner $414,000
Ian Kennedy: $408,925
Phil Hughes: $407,650
David Robertson: $406,825
Jonathan Albaladejo: $403,075
Phil Coke: $403,300
Francisco Cervelli: $400,700
Wilkin De La Rosa: $400,000
Michael Dunn: $400,000
Christian Garcia: $400,000
Eric Hacker: $400,000
Steven Jackson: $400,000

(Courtesy LoHud Yankees

You know, I thought I was doing okay for myself, but now I've gone back to thinking about how much better my life could be if I could throw a baseball 90 miles an hour.

I'm sure there's a drawback...I mean, it's not like they're being paid to play a game or anything...