Sunday, June 8, 2008

Joba Geise Win (Postgame Notes 08 June 2008

Don't look now, but the Yakees are beginning to fall into place.

Today's game was just the type of game we'd hope the Yankees would play this season--solid pitching, timely hitting, and more than five runs. If not for some stellar outfield defense from Kansas City's Joey Gathright, the Yankees would have at least had another two runs; probably closer to another three or four.

Anyway, to start at the beginning, coming off of yesterday's improbable win (I'm not quite sure how I managed to keep my car on the road while listening to the game on my way to Scranton), the Yankees were once again at .500 and with emotion on their side.

It was Joba's second start, and while he certainly wasn't perfect, Yankee fans (and management) have got to be pleased with his performance today. He threw 78 pitches, mostly strikes, going 4.1 innings. He did give up three runs, but two of those came on one mistake pitch to Jose Guillen and the third was unearned, on a passed ball.

Dan Giese, the Designated Reliever on Joba days, was excellent. In 2.2 innings, he allowed exactly one baserunner--and even that baserunner technically struck out. Jose Veras pitched a very good 8th and Mariano Rivera was, well, Mariano Rivera.

As for the offense, well, it was only the third time all year the Yankees had their Opening Day line up, but the line up performed as expected.

Johnny Damon continued his hot hitting (what is he eating for breakfast, and where can I get some?) despite going only 2-4...

Bobby Abreu had a two-run home run, adding to his RBI total, and the renaissance of Jason Giambi continued as he hit the home run to break the three-three tie.

If not for Joey Gathright, Jorge Posada would have had a two-RBI hit as well.

Right now, the Yankees look like they are finally beginning to figure out this season. Once again, they are above .500--and this time, they've gotten there with energized line ups and actually playing all 27 outs of the game.

Looks like the sleeping beast is beginning to wake up.


Had a tremendous night in Scranton last night with some of the fellow LoHud readers. A special thanks goes to Ron H. for putting it all together. It was wonderful to be able to meet so many people--here's hoping we can do it again next year!


  1. I'm really liking this Geise kid. Hopefully he'll get to stick around for a while. Given the number of innings the starters typically last around here, he could be extremely valuable.

  2. Jeff - I agaree. Giese looks like he could settle in as a long reliever/spot starter role.

  3. Starting to fall into place? After taking 3 of 4 from the freaking royals?

    Please tell me you're being sarcastic. New yankee fans can't be this clueless. It's embarrassing.