Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pirate Booty (Postgame Notes 25 June 2008)

What a difference a day makes.

Twenty four hours after the Yankees had what was arguably their worst loss of the season, they came out and played like a top-tier team beating up on one that hasn't had a winning season in sixteen years.

Every Yankee starter, with the exception of Joba Chamberlain, had at least one hit, and even Joba had a walk and a well placed sacrifice bunt.

While the game was an offensive display for the Yankees, the true player of the game was easily Joba Chamberlain, who pitched brilliantly and got his first win as a starter. He allowed six hits through six and 2/3ds innings, with seven strike outs and only one walk.

Joba continues to get better with every start he makes. It's no longer a question of whether he should start, but if, in Wang's absence, he can mount the role of 'Yankees' ace', and thus take some of the load of of Andy Pettitte and Mike Mussina.

While his pitch count was a little high for the innings pitched, he made the important pitches when he needed to, and did not at all look uncomfortable.

He won't pitch this well every start, but on a night where the Yankees really needed a good start, they got it.

The offense, of course, helped.

Robbie Canò had his first home run since May 8th (!), Bobby Abreu had a three run home run, his second home run in as many nights, and Derek Jeter had two doubles.

They scored in six different innings, including the first and the ninth, with both the regulars and the bench, and they did so without the services of Johnny Damon (who is expected to be okay) and Hideki Matusi (whose knees must be a source of real concern).

Justin Christian, who was just called up yesterday, has hit to the tune of .375 over the two games, proving a viable solution while Damon and Matsui are out.


If you didn't catch it, Fresno State won their first ever NCAA championship at the College World Series. They are the lowest seeded NCAA team to ever win a championship.

If you get a chance, watch the highlights and their celebration. The joy on the kids' faces?

That's why you play the game.


  1. I don't hear anyone knocking Hank now. He was the one who insisted Joba be a starter. It's a good thing they moved him when they did. Joba looks like an ace in the making.

    It's funny how everybody was talking about Phil Hughes, the gem of the Yankee farm system when it was really Joba. I only hope that Hughes can learn from Joba.

  2. Hughes is a very different pitcher than Joba. I believe that the true Hughes was the one who pitch in Texas, who had that no-hitter going until he got hurt. He is projected to be, and has the talent, to be an ace.