Sunday, June 1, 2008

Postgame Notes 1 June 2008

When Derek Jeter hit the solo home run in left center field after the Twins had only managed to score one run with the bases loaded and no one out, it looked like the Yankees might have had a chance to win the game.

When Justin Morneau hit a home run, while that ball didn't leave the ballpark, the Yankees' chances of winning the game did--or at least, that was how it felt.

It wasn't exactly a horrible loss--the Yankees were in the game until the later innings--but they were never able to muster much of anything offensively, and looked lifeless on that end.

Darrell Rasner had his worst start while in pinstripes this season. It wasn't a horrendous start--in fact, he went deeper into the game than Chien Ming Wang last night--but he received almost no offensive support.

There was a scary moment in the game when Twins' pitcher Nick Blackburn was hit in the face on a line drive off of Bobby Abreu. He fell down backwards and laid there almost lifeless for a moment before getting up. Fortunately, he seems to be okay, but it does remind you just how dangerous that the sport of baseball can be.

OPTIMIST TAKE: The Yankees are still at .500. Chris Britton finally got a chance to pitch--and sat the four Twins he faced down in order.

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