Sunday, June 22, 2008

Red Light, Green Light (Postgame Notes 22 June 2008)

The New York Yankees looked as though they had finally turned things around, and then they ran into Edinson Volquez and offensive apnea on Friday and Saturday.

So today the Yankees were left to attempt to avoid being swept by the Cincinnati Reds. Fortunately for them, the one pitcher that they would have wanted on the mound--Andy Pettitte--was, in fact, on the mound.

Pettitte had to labor--through six innings he threw 97 pitches, giving up four hits and walking two, but he had four strike outs and did not surrender a run. Had it not been for an hour rain delay during a nasty thunderstorm--if you can get a chance to see the replay, watch the wind pick up on this one--Pettitte may have pitched into the seventh as well.

The Yankees' offense seemed to come out of its slumber after the rain delay. They scored one run in the fifth inning, before the delay, which was important--as the completion of the fifth inning made the game official--but had their best inning in the bottom of the sixth, when Giambi and Posada each had doubles to drive in a total of three runs.

Edwar Ramirez pitched a brilliant 7-pitch seventh inning. He is a wild card in the Yankees' bullpen--either unhittable or horrible, and today the Yankees had the unhittable version today.

Kyle Farnsworth, however...

Farnsworth breezed through the first two outs, throwing as high as 101 mph on the gun. However, he gave up a solo home run to Ken Griffey, Jr. (because it's not a Farnsworth appearance without a HR) and then made a stupid--reflexive, but stupid--move when he attempted to barehand a line drive off the bat of Brandon Phillips. He missed the ball, and injured himself on the play. Apparently, he cut the webbing between his fingers and needed stitches (which, all things considered, would be a really lucky break), but I'm not positive so don't quote me on that.

Mariano Rivera had to come on for a four out save. He got the first out with ease, but did not look particularly sharp by his standards, as he gave up two hits with only one strike out. However, as he's, well, Mo, he did not surrender a run and earned his 21st save of the season.

The Yankees get to head into the off day tomorrow on the heals of a win, and they will fly to Pittsburgh, a place they have not been since of 1960. Speaking of the 1960s, today's win was the first time the Yankees have beaten the Reds at Yankee Stadium since that 1961.

Meanwhile, Boston and St. Louis are in extra innings. If St. Louis can find a way to sweep the Sox (in Boston) the Yankees can cut their deficit in the division to four games.

Not that you're paying attention to these things.



  1. It seems amazing to me that someone can throw 101 mph and can't figure how to get people out.

  2. I think Farnsey's problem is that he doesn't have a lot of motion on his fastball, and pretty much every hitter sees it coming. I believe his only other pitch is a slider, but Professor Farnsworth can't mix things up enough to surprise anyone.