Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jobamania (Postgame Notes 3 June 2008)

So there's a really goo reason this post is so late: I was at the the game. I have pictures, but am having a bit of trouble getting them online so they'll have to wait.

Joba's start tonight is certainly not, one hopes, going to be the best one of his career. However, at the same time, it is important to remember that the Yankees did not lose tonight because of Joba. The Yankees lost tonight because of an ineffective bullpen--and yes, I'm looking at Edwar Ramirez and LaTroy Hawkins.

Joba was wild in the first inning, but that might just has easily been from nerves as from an inability to locate off-speed pitches--he set the side down in order in the second. He did throw as fast as 101 miles an hour.

Joba easily got the loudest ovation when the starting line up was introduced--and indeed, as unremarkable as tonight was, there is no telling where Joba's career might go from here.

For the Yankees' offense and bullpen, however, it was another, almost typical, frustrating evening. There was some excellent defense from Bobby Abreu and Derek Jeter, as well as a throw home from Melky Cabrera that was a close play (at least from section 43), but little else.

OPTIMIST TAKE: Joba only went 2.1 innings, but improved in his second inning--something relief pitchers don't normally do. Johnny Damon had a great game, including a lead off triple. Jason Giambi had a hit the other way.


  1. Looking forward to your pictures. I can't say I was disappointed in Joba - he pitched well and he was on a low pitch count. And if Molina holds that 3rd strike in the first inning it's probably a quick inning and Joba could pitch to a few more batters.
    I can however say that I was disappointed in the bullpen. Geise kept in close, but then they imploded.
    I am still waiting for the Yanks to put it all together.

  2. Good news: Geise looked good. Finally we've got a long reliever.

    Bad news: My hopes for Ramirez and Veras to be the next bullpen stars were dashed slightly. Let's hope they bounce back.

    Middle of the Road: Joba. He got quite a few questionable calls. He's pitching like Ian Kennedy, with more velocity (and that's not a good thing). JC needs to have confidence in all of his pitches and throw strikes consistenty. Hopefully he'll come around.