Saturday, June 21, 2008

Red Light (Postgame Notes 21 June 2008)

I must be cursed. Or something.

Three times I've had tickets to a game at Yankee Stadium this year, and, now, three times they've lost.

Granted, the loss today was different than the Sunday 5/18 game against the Mets or the 6/3 "Joba Game" against Toronto, but alas, a loss is still a loss.

Dan Giese pitched great. It's hard to see that from a 6-0 score, but through six innings, Giese had yielded just two hits (okay, two I remember, anyway) and had thrown only 62 pitches. He gave the Yankees everything--and, of course, the Yankees gave him nothing back.

In the seventh inning, Giese made an error on a throw that should have started a double play, and things got out of hand from there.

However, the truth is, the Yankees lost the game in the second inning, when they had the bases loaded, with no one out, and could not bring a runner around to score. Every inning, it seemed, the Yankees would get a runner, or runners, on base, and every inning they failed to get the big hit.


Anyway, the part you're all interested in, pictures!

Myself and Jon, with whom I went to the game. I know I look horrible, but, yeah, it was 85 degrees out and we were sitting in the sun!

Our view. Some people don't like the screen; I don't mind it.

Babe Ruth's daughter, grandson and great-grandchildren presenting Alex Rodriguez with an award for the most home runs hit last season. A-Rod was shocked by how heavy the thing was.

Robbie taking warm up tosses.


Exchanging line up cards.

Alex at bat.

Laura Posada with the two Posada children. The daughter, Paulina (I think?), kept shouting 'da-da' or 'da-ddy' until Jorge would turn around and wave. It might have been the highlight of the game.

Anyway, the Yankees will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow, and hey, as I'm not going to the game, they'll actually have a shot!


  1. Thanks for the pictures even though you cost the Yanks the game!!

    The second inning was the turning point - they had bases loaded and no outs against the rookie. Could have knocked him out right there.

  2. Andrew: my friend asked me at about 11 last night if I wanted to go--his uncle couldn't make the game, and I guess I was the only one online ;)

  3. Rebecca,
    I walked over to Section 2 and looked in Row A. Of course I thought you were up in the Tier with me. From these photos I can see that I was very, very wrong. I have never been this close to the field. I don’t even know anyone who has been this close to the field. I do like the photos though.

  4. What an incredible view! And that is so cool about Jorge's kids!!

  5. "I look horrible"


    Pluulease, Grrl!

    With those eyes - with that smile.

    I guarantee you, guys all over the net are swooning.

    ► That's Robbie - he loves looking into the stands.

  6. One day I hope to sit so close. I have a plan in place, but it requires me finding oil in my backyard.