Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mail Call

To the New York Yankees--

Hi. So I know you just had an eight game win streak right after the All Star Break. That was a lot of fun, really--everyone was hitting, pitching...it was great baseball.

I know that you lost on Sunday. That was a bit of a pitching mis-match. It's understandable.

However, I am extremely disturbed by your inability to rebound after a loss. It's never one loss in between wins, but a losing streak of significant length.

It is beyond frustrating to watch. I understand it's probably frustrating to play like it...but dude, this is the Baltimore Orioles. They're in last place in the AL East. There is NO logical reason they should be beating you in two straight games.

Darrell Rasner was great tonight, two runs in six innings...and while the bullpen should have kept it there, it wouldn't have been an issue if the offense had been able to come through at all, and yes, Jason Giambi, I'm looking at you.

At least, tomorrow, will you give Joba some serious run support? Please?

Because getting swept by the Orioles is not what you want to do heading into a series with the Angels.

Though I think you know this. That's why you scored three in the 8th and three in the 9th.

--A concerned fan.

John Lackey--

That was a great try. Please don't do that through 8.1 innings when you see us, or I might cry.


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