Saturday, July 5, 2008

Relieving Dangerously, Part Two (Postgame Notes 5 July 2008)

When I woke up this morning, I did not have a cardiologist.

I think I need one now.

Having lost two straight and four of five, the Yankees needed a win tonight in the worst way. One win can't make or break an entire season but yet, today, that's what it felt like.

Mike Mussina certainly pitched like it was the case, allowing just four hits over six innings and picking up his eleventh win. He has become the Yankee stopper in nearly every way this season and may have saved their season with today's performance. Mussina only won eleven games all season last year.

Jose Veras and Kyle Farnsworth were excellent; they seem to have morphed into a tandom with Veras in the seventh and Farnsworth in the eighth, and they have fit the roles well. With Jose Veras breathing down Farnsworth's neck for the eighth inning role, Farnnsworth has stepped up his performance.

Mariano Rivera in the ninth, however, was...interesting. Perhaps it's just that Mo likes making things interesting with Boston, but he seems to have some special enjoyment of pitching in pressure situations (which would explain why he's Mariano Rivera).

Anyway. Boston was able to load the bases with no one out in the top of the ninth, but Rivera wwas able to come back and get a strike out, a pop out and a strike out.

The Yankees offense was not great, but they were able to scratch out two runs, which, with the Yankee pitching today, was enough.

Anyway, I'm going to go phone for a cardiologist.

Joba tomorrow.

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  1. Rebecca - hope you recovered! I was nervous too, but Mo is just so cool out there and if there was anyone who was going to get out of that mess it was Mo. Now hopefully Joba can pitch well tonight, the Yanks hit Wakefield's knuckleball and split the series.