Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh no, Mo!

From LoHud Yankees:

But Mariano Rivera is getting a second opinion on his shoulder today and every indication is that he will need surgery to repair bone spurs. It’s minor surgery, a scope. But no surgery is minor when you’re talking about a 38-year-old pitcher and shoulder issues are almost always more complicated than elbow injuries.

This is, of course, disheartening, even after the disappointment of this season.

Mariano Rivera is arguably the only Yankee that lived up to his contract signing of last off-season, not only equaling his career marks, but in some situations, exceeding them.

In some sense it's good this happened now, as opposed to in the middle of the season or in a year the Yankees needed him for October, but it doesn't change that well, because it's Mo, there's no spin you can put on it to make it seem routine, even if it is a fairly 'routine' procedure.

So here's hoping that if it does come to surgery that it goes well and he'll be ready come February/March 2009.

As to Joe Girardi vs. the Media, I have two thoughts:

1) Girardi should be more forthcoming to the media, even if it is just to say 'please don't come to me regarding injuries" and

2) After listening to the press conference the media did kind of exaggerate just how much Girardi blew up--can't imagine if it was Ozzie Guillen or Lou Pinella in the clubhouse...

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