Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Price Is Right (Postgame Notes 14 September 08)

The Yankees won the game, but today belonged to Derek Jeter.

Jeter needed just three hits today to tie Lou Gehrig's record for career hits at Yankee Stadium,, the Jets need a kicker...I mean, Jeter did just that, going 3-4.

His Gehrig-tying hit came on a solo home run, perhaps not in true Jeterian up-the-middle fashion, but it did make you remember, if just for a moment, that watching Derek Jeter is watching greatness.

The other story of the game, and no, I don't mean Carl Pavano getting hurt (again), was the major league debut of David Price.

He came in early for an ineffective Edwin Jackson and motored through the Yankee lineup as though it was an AAA line up.

Okay, so given the offensive struggles, that might not be saying much, but even so...

Right. Going to moan about the lack of defense from the Jets. Pulling my hair out now...

Giants fans, enjoy your win.

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