Thursday, September 18, 2008

So What *Is* Jeter Stealing from the Stadium?

Rumors have abounded as to what Derek Jeter wants to steal from the Stadium. The most prevalent one concerns the Joe DiMaggio quote sign, but word has reached me of another, more interesting memento...

I quote, from a friend who works in the press box:

In the original clubhouse underneath the bleachers there's a chair, where in 1939, after Lou Gehrig retired but stayed with the team as captain, he'd go and sit after every game and weep. Before games, Jeter goes and sits in the chair and meditates.
To give himself "strength"

Apparently, the team found out and sent the chair to Cooperstown before Jeter gets his hands on it.

Now, unlike a good journalist, I'm going to admit that as far as I know, it's just a rumor, but given Jeter's recent feat, which, coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) involves Gehrig, I have to wonder if Gehrig doesn't live on in the Captain...

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  1. I'd rather they move that stuff to the new Stadium instead of Cooperstown.