Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week Two NFL Picks

Once again, my picks are based on gut feelings more than anything else and should not be used if you are seriously gambling on game results...

Packers over Lions. Congratulations to Aaron Rogers on a very nice NFL debut.

Chiefs over Raiders. The Chiefs actually hung in there with the Patriots and Oakland...well...umm...I hear the Bay is really pretty this time of year...

Giants over Rams. If we're lucky St. Louis will actually remember that there's a football game on Sunday this time around.

Vikings over Colts. Okay, I guess this makes my upset special (hey, last week, I TOTALLY called the Titans over the Jags!) but last week the Colts looked like a mess against the bears and I'm not sure one week will be enough to right the ship. Two, certainly, but one is pushing it.

Titans over Bengals. Even without Young, I still like this team.

Saints over Redskins. They looked great in the first game, and Washington, not so much.

Panthers over Bears. They earned this pick, but right now I am *so* glad I got Forte on my fantasy team.

Bills over Jags, thought it would be nice to see the Jags win and the Jets win and hello AFC East lead...

Seahawks over Niners. At least last week Seattle lost to a team that's expected to vie for a Wild Card spot...

Falcons over Bucs. Just because Matt Ryan is my fantasy quarterback.

Jets over Patriots. You know I had to.

Cardinals over Dolphins, but I think the line should be a lot closer than 4.5.

Ravens over Texans. Baltimore looked good week one.

Broncos over Chargers. Denver earned this pick after their performance last week.

Steelers over Browns. The Steelers being the one AFC hotshot team to live up to expectations last week.

Eagles over Cowboys. I'm still mad at Texas.

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