Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week One NFL Picks

If you don't remember from last year, my predictions are based on nothing other than gut. Sometimes I go 1-14, sometimes I go 14-1. Here we go:

New York Giants over Washington Redskins. I am a Jets fan but I need to give Giants props for their Super Bowl win.

Detroit Lions over Atlanta Falcons. My brother is obsessed with Kevin Smith.

Seattle Seahawks over Buffalo Bills. The Seahawks are dangerous when healthy. Unlike the Sonics or the Mariners.

New York Jets over Miami Dolphins. This actually isn't a biased pick, but based on last year, I'll take anyone over the Dolphins...except Baltimore.

New England Patriots over Kansas City Chiefs. 18-1! Say it with me: 18-1!

New Orleans Saints over Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Maybe this is the year the Saints finally get somewhere.

Philadelphia Eagles over St. Louis Rams. My brother's best friend is an Eagles fan, this pick is for him.

Pittsburgh Steelers over Houston Texans. Just because.

Tennessee Titans over Jacksonville Jaguars. Thoughts and prayers with Jason Collier.

Cincinnati Bengals over Baltimore Ravens. Dude, Baltimore, you lost to the Dolphins. You don't get picked.

San Diego Chargers over Carolina Panthers. This doesn't change the fact that Shawn Merriman is an idiot.

Arizona Cardinals over San Francisco 49ers. For the Hell of it.

Dallas Cowboys over Cleveland Browns. Stupid Cowboys.

Indianapolis Colts over Chicago Bears. Can't pick against a Manning. They're kind of like Molina brothers. You can't pick against them.

Minnesota Vikings over Green Bay Packers. It's not that I don't believe in Aaron Rogers, it's that I believe in Adrian Peterson more.

Denver Broncos over Oakland Raiders. Broncos are legit.


  1. Pretty much agree with your picks Rebecca but I would pick Jacksonville over Tennessee. Good luck in our fantasy football pool. I am so jealous that you got Jerricho Cotchery. I tried to pick him but he was gone and then I tried to trade for him but the deal was made with you. I think that he is going to have a great season with Favre throwing to him.

  2. Fran: I totally missed the draft and am only vaguely aware of who's on my team! Ooops!

  3. I participated in the live draft. We only had 30 seconds between picks. And half of the people were on auto so there was not much time to think and plan picks after the
    1st round.