Saturday, May 31, 2008

Extra Good (postgame notes 31 May 2008)

Well, for the very first Yankee game I've seen in over a week, the Yankees certainly managed to keep it interesting.

It's been so long since the Yankees had won an extra-innings game on the road that when the game went to ten innings, one had to wonder if it was just a matter of time before marking the loss column. Fortunately, despite a couple of very close calls, the Yankees could mark the win column.

Even better: the Yankees are now over the .500 mark--hopefully, for good.

The Yankees' offense seems to finally be showing some signs of cohesion; instead of collapsing when Minnesota staked out to a 2-0 lead, it kept going. Even the Yankee pitching, far from great tonight, never let Minnesota take control of the game.

The win was satisfying because the Yankees had to work that much harder for it, though now it's been five rough starts in a row for Wang.


I'm still battling jet lag, hence why this post is late and undetailed. I'm working on a couple different non-gamers; I'll get them up eventually.

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  1. I'm glad that the Yanks won last night, but in reality they should have won that game in 9. Anyway a win is a win and I agree that now that they are over 500 I hope that they keep going up from there.
    Welcome back Rebecca - hope that you had a great trip.