Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Yankees: Please Beat Boston

Against every other opponent the Yankees have played, they are 34-18. Pretty good, right?

Against the Red Sox--the one, the only team that many fans will argue they really need to beat--they are 0-7.

They have lost in a variety of fashion, from blowouts to nine-inning heartbreaks, and right now, in a reversal of the past 80-some-odd years, there's a feeling that Boston will find a way to win.

Yet one might also consider this: Boston is an AL-best 20-8 at home, and of the seven games, all but two have been played at Fenway. Boston has yet to see CC Sabathia, but instead has seen AJ Burnett twice and Wang once. In Joba's first start against the Sox, the Yankees led going into the ninth inning, and in his second start he recovered from a rough first inning to strike out 12 in five, though the Yankee offense couldn't pick him up.

What am I trying to say here?

It looks bleak right now, sure. I don't think you'll find many who disagree, but bleak is not the same as hopeless.

And as long as there's hope, you're never entirely out of it.