Monday, June 1, 2009

Game 51: NY Yankees at Cleveland Indians

Elizabeth here, from Blogging the Mystique! Rebecca's at, hmm, I think she called it the "redemption of the first born" know what? I have no idea what it's called but it's a dinner to honor her new nephew, Eli. So that's pretty cool. But I told her I'd cover the blog when I got home from work and, well, I got home late. We had a very sad situation for one of our patients at the animal hospital, so I had to stay longer.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. What'd I miss?

Well, you say (because I'm sure you do say), only the Yankees leaving about 5,000 men on base, including blowing a bases-loaded no-out situation in the 6th. To which I say, those games happen, even though it's one of the most frustrating situations in sports.

Hark! St. Swishalicious and Our Lady of the High Socks Alex Rodriguez just came through for the Yankees! (Sorry, Rebecca. I went to Catholic school for 18 years.) I guess I'm good luck. Or something. But I'm sure you could also thank Mr. Scott Proc--oh, I'm sorry, Luis Vizcaino, for contributing to the cause. Remember how clutch he was until the playoffs in 2007? Until he decided to give up game two to the Indians after Joba's midge attack? Me too.

Cano's way off balance tonight, incidentally. But big inning there for the Bomb Squad (Bombers? Bomb Squad? Get it?)

Okay, let's recap the game: The Yankees squeak out a cheap run on a GIDP by Swisher. The Indians tie the game on Martinez's home run (I JUST sat him on my fantasy team because I thought he was injured). Then the Yankees look like the Nationals offensively for three innings. Meanwhile, Joba is dealing. Gameday had him at 98 a few times. This is some kind of insanity for the Jobber. It feels like 2007. I know I mention 2007 a lot, but it was one of my favorite Yankee seasons of the past decade. That comeback from 14 back was pretty sweet. Sorry. Back to the game recap. So then the Yankees finally capitalized on a bases-loaded situations with dual ribsters from Swish and Alex. And now the Indians have scored a manufactured run. 5-2 Yankees after 7 full

I'm glad I got to see the All-Time Stupid Baseball Move of Ramiro Pena bunting with two strikes, a RISP, and a 3-run lead. My baseball fan life is complete. But, in happier news, Joba's going to pitch the 8th. This is what Yankee fans have been waiting for all season.