Monday, June 8, 2009

Rivera's Struggles on Saturday Due to Stomach Bug

River Ave Blues sums it up nicely:

"Rivera was not fine. According to a teammate, as we learn from Yahoo’s Dave Brown, Mo was under the weather before the game.

For several hours before Rivera took the ball Saturday afternoon in that tie game, he’d suffered with a stomach ailment that brought aches and repeated vomiting, according to one Yankee. Rivera had rolled off the trainer’s table, where he’d hoped to sleep it off, and into the bullpen in the eighth inning, when he began to warm up.

I think that wording is a bit off. He didn’t suffer the stomach ailment before he took the ball. Anyone who’s had a stomach bug — and that’s everybody here — knows it doesn’t just go away. They don’t call it a 24-hour bug for nothing. Mo pitched anyway, and we all saw the results. "

Now, I have had more than my fair share of stomach bugs, including one that hit while walking home from the (school) bus stop, one the last day of class my senior year in high school and another that hit the night of my 21st birthday.

I know when they hit me, I am down for the count. I can't do anything but lie in bed and sip flat Coke.

That Mo got up and pitched at all is a testament to a super human will, even if it was, in retrospect, a poor decision.

Now we just have to hope the virus hasn't spread throughout the clubhouse.