Friday, June 12, 2009

Yankees Vs Mets, 12 June 2009: A liveblog

6.15 PM: Tonight's lineup:


An alarming quote from LoHud on why Damon is out:

"Johnny Damon is out of the lineup for assorted reasons. He hasn’t played well of late and he said his eyes have ben “fluttering.” Damon said he felt like he was going to pass out on the field last night. He wondered whether it was a lingering side effect of the concussion he suffered five years ago.

He’s getting checked out today and said he is available."

7.05 PM: Forgot to mention, but you probably know this by now, Dámaso Marte is set to see Dr. James Andrews. Everyone with me now: Uh oh.

7.17 PM: Joba pitched the top of the first there like he means business, which is good. Let's see if his teammates can make it stick.

7.25 PM: Two deep flues from Jeter and Swisher, but not deep enough.

7.36 PM: Some good defense there and the Mets muster a Wright single but nothing else.

7.41 PM: Robbie Canó with a solo HR and that was out in any park.

8.00 PM: "Oy." is about the best I can do.

8.11 PM: The Yankees are so beyond lucky the Mets couldn't get a hit there. But 43 pitches in that inning and we might not see Joba come out to start the fourth. I'm curious as to what happened between the first and the third.

8.22 PM: Teixeira just bombed one. And I mean bombed. Everyone was on him in April, but now we see why we paid the big bucks.

8.27 PM: Canó just missed his second HR in as many at bats, and I mean just.

8.38 PM: 100 pitches through four is not what Joba or the Yankees needed. Highly doubt he comes out for the fifth with that command, so maybe Tomko for two (7), then Robertson/Veras (8) and Mo if the Yankees keep the lead? Just guessing.

8.50 PM: Tomko doesn't have any more control than Joba.

8.56 PM: The disaster continues. Gary Sheffield? Really?

9.19 PM: For a team hitting as many home runs as we are, way too many are of the solo variety.

9.44 PM: Matsui needs it to be his birthday more often. Last year a grand slam; this year a three-run home run to give the Yankees a lead.

9.53 PM: Phil Coke probably shouldn't be pitching three days in a row, but at this point, who else do the Yankees have?

10.10 PM: Our four and five hitters have got to be more clutch than that.

10.16 PM: Girardi bringing Mo in to face the Mets' best hitters. I'm not the only one that's been asking for Girardi to do something like this. Let's see if we're right.

1024 PM: What is it with Mo and tie games?

10.40 PM: I hate Crosby, but congratulations to the Penguins on the Stanley Cup. A football championship and hockey championship in the same year, and that's about the best you can hope for in Pittsburgh. So well done.