Monday, June 8, 2009

Yankees vs. Rays, 08 June 2009: A Liveblog

3.49 PM: Today's line up from WFAN:

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Arod 3B
Cano 2B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF

Andy Pettitte gets the start today; he's been ineffective--ish over his last few starts and the cause is reportedly a balky back.

The good news is that he's starting today, instead of against Boston where things could get really messy.

Meanwhile, hughes hasn't pitched in ages. I get the Yanks might want to piggy back him with Wang, but right now his arm's atrophying in the 'pen. Though I guess he has to be available tonight if Pettitte falters given Aceves' effort yesterday.

6.34 PM: I turned the news on, and first thing I heard was "how the Red Sox are making money" lovely. The segment will be on ABC World News Tonight if you are interested.

7.12 PM: Andy just made Upton look silly.

7.21 PM: Pettitte k'd Upton and Longoria, sure, but now the bases are loaded. And he's fallen behind 1-0. Seems to have lost the zone entirely.

7.22 PM: Is an improved Jeter defensively awesome, or what?

7.26 PM: I think Jeter's just missed every game this series.

7.29 PM: After Jeter was close and Damon closer, Teixeira got enough--and second deck, so no cheapy--so, 1-0 Yankees after one.

7.40 PM: Much nicer inning for Pettitte there and now Canó leads off the bottom of the inning with a single to left.

7.46 PM: Jolly ole' St. Nick, indeed. 3-0 Yankees. Matsui, on the other hand, is ice cold.

8.00 PM: Pettitte has six strike outs through three.

8.10 PM: After going 18 games without an error, the Yankees have now had six straight games with an error. Law of averages, or what?

8.15 PM: Gabe Kapler hits a two run jack and this game is now tied. If only Alex had made that play...

8.21 PM: You'd expect Hughes would be warming soon...

8.28 PM: "Take it out of your mouth, BJ" should never be said out of context.

8.34 PM: Andy is having a lot of trouble, but instead of Hughes up in the bullpen, it's David Robertson. No knock on Robertson, but it'd be nice to get Phil a chance to pitch again...

The double play there was very well timed.

8.43 PM: Yanks can't get anything going against Sonnanstine, it seems. Never mind that he has a 7.00+ ERA.

8.54 PM: The Yankees only have four hits, but three of them are HR. Johnny Damon's was probably the "cheapest", but it's still out in most parks.

9.06 PM: THAT was a brilliant inning for Hughes.

9.18 PM: Not entirely sure Coke should be in right now. Hughes was throwing GAS.

9.24 PM: Heh. Coke had some GAS of his own. Hope they interview him on the postgame. Now the killer: Do you pitch Mo three games in a row, or do you save him in case you need him in Boston tomorrow?