Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reasons Not To Jump Off the GW Bridge (yet)

Trust me. I know how tempting it might be right now to jump through your window or off the GW Bridge if you're a Yankee fan, but really now, it's not all that bad. Right?

  • The Yankees are still 34-18 against all non-Boston opponents. The Red Sox are 28-24. We could go 0-18 against Boston and still win the division.
  • For seven innings, CC Sabathia was every bit the ace the Yankees have paid him to be. Should he have been pulled sooner? Probably, but that's on Girardi.
  • Alex Rodriguez actually got a big hit with runners in scoring position.
  • The Yankees may only be 3-4 against the Rays right now, but they have taken two of three series from them; aside from the Phillies and Boston, they have a inning record against everyone else that they have played.
  • We get to play again tomorrow. And after that, another 101 times before the season is over.