Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yankees vs Rangers, 03 June 2009: A liveblog

4.31 PM: Tonight's line up from WFAN:
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Canó 2B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF (Gardner?)

4.32 PM: Have you been to both Yankee Stadium and Citifield? Then come on and go vote for which stadium you think is better. is running the poll; right now it's a dead heat.

4.36 PM: ROTATION UPDATE: Wang to start tomorrow, Sabathia Friday and Hughes to the bullpen. Courtesy WFAN.

4.53 PM: So PeteAbe is saying that Gardner's playing center...I'll correct the line up when I find out for sure.

The Wang-Hughes move is a conversation starter for sure.

In my mind there is no question Wang needs a chance to start, but I am not sure if Hughes is best served by going to the bullpen. Anyway, we'll see.

5.14 PM: Per @YankeesWFAN, Molina is expected to miss another 2-4 weeks. Good thing Cervelli has been playing so well, huh?

6.16 PM: Teixeira has been scratched after banging his knee ankle, sorry, in last night's slide of doom. X-rays were negative and he is day to day.

New line up:

Jeter SS
Swisher 1B
Damon LF
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Cabrera RF
Gardner CF

6.54 PM: First pitch scheduled for 7.15.

7.27 PM: If you squint hard enough, that may have been a double play ball, but instead it's 1-0 Texas with guys on 1st and 2nd and one out.

7.30 PM: And now the bases are loaded.

7.31 PM: Now 2-0 Texas. Yanks were lucky there as they got a great play from Jeter. Andy does not look very sharp. to say the least.

7.33 PM: Yanks have some work to do now, 3-0 Texas after one. Just hoping here that Pettitte isn't hurting too badly but that was not a good first inning.

7.42 PM: Swisher double and A-Rod single sandwiched around a Damon K and it's now 3-1 Texas.

7.49 PM: You get the feeling that this is not Pettitte's night.

7.53 PM: And Texas gets that run right back. I wonder if Andy's back is bothering him or what...but he's not pitching well. Not even a little.

8.09 PM: Posada got hit with a bat or something there...and he looked hurt real bad for a minute, but he's stayed in this far.

8.14 PM: I'm not sure it's possible to overstate how big those k's there after the unintentional interference were...

8.30 PM: A-Rod up with bases loaded and one out. I am biting my nails, of course.

8.33 PM: I kind of hate A-Rod right now.

8.51 PM: I'd say the Yankees need a big offensive inning but I'm not one for overstatement.

And just like that Canó grounds out. And Beckett's no hitting the Tigers. It is not the best night of the year to be a Yankee fan right now...

8.56 PM: That wasn't exactly the inning the Yankees needed.

9.28 PM: You get the feeling that if the Yankees just got some sort of spark, they'd win this game...

9.37 PM: Jorge Posada esta en fuego!

9.52 PM: I vote Brett Tomko player of the game.