Monday, July 13, 2009

All Star Lineups Revealed

AL All Star line up

Ichiro RF,
Jeter SS,
Mauer C,
Teixeira 1B,
Bay LF,
Hamilton CF,
Longoria 3B,
Hill 2B,
Halladay P

NL All Star line up:
Hanley SS,
Utley 2B,
Pujols 1B,
Braun RF,
Ibanez LF,
Wright 3B,
Victorino CF,
Molina C,
Lincecum P.

A few thoughts:

My starters would have been Greinke and Haren. Halladay and Lincecum have, historically the better body of work but isn't the All Star game about rewarding those who have performed well this season? What Haren's done--a WHIP of less than 0.900--is simply unreal.

My money's on the NL. Utley-Pujols-Braun-Ibañez is just nasty. I would have it Longoria cleanup in the AL over Teixeira who's been slumping and probably won't like the clean up role. With Jeter second, it's probably clear that Maddon's never heard the phrase "Captain GIDP".

I hope the game ends before 2 AM. I really, really do...