Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holy Jesus Montero Watch: The Futures Game

Today, the annual MLB futures game will be played and televised at 2 PM on ESPN2. For the Yankees, catching prospect Jesus Montero and 18 year-old-pitcher Manuel Banuelos have been selected to play, so I figured that I might as well turn this post into a bit of a liveblog while these players are playing for the World Team.

Thus far, at AA (he started the season at high-A), Montero is batting .287/.353/.472/.825 with 5 HR and 15 RBI.

At low A Charleston, Banuelos is 7-3 with a 2.20 ERA, 1.004 WHIP and he has struck out 68 while walking only 17. That's good for a 4.00 K/BB, and may I remind you, dude is 18.

Check back for updates!

2.00 PM: Here we go! Looks like we've got Gary Thorne on the call, which, while not ideal, still is far better than Miller/Morgan.

2.03 PM: Wow, is Gammons really saying nice stuff about Montero?

2.09 PM: I feel so unpatriotic rooting for the World team...

2.12 PM: So now I kind of see why the Brewers don't want to part with Escobar. Tons of speed and he plays a premium position. Imagine if Brett Gardner played short instead of CF, but better. Much, much better.

2.13 PM: Tillman's struggling a little, but this is good, if it gets Montero an AB now!

2.17 PM: Gammons really likes Montero. I'm down with that.

2.18 PM: Montero grounds to short and legs it out to avoid a DP, gets an RBI and now 2-0 World team.

2.22 PM: Heh, I wonder if the World team ever gets to be the home team? If the All Star game is in Toronto?

2.23 PM: Rain delay.

3.31 PM: Still in a rain delay. Will go back and forth with Yankee game.

3.55 PM: From Twitter: @BaseballAmerica: Word is MLB will meet at 3:15 CT to discuss what to do about the game. Still raining.

6.04 PM: 7-inning game to start at 5:30 CT. No inning will start later than 7:30 pm CT.

6.25 PM: Nefteli Feliz to start for world team.

6.32 PM: And...we're back! Not quite the same atmosphere as before, understandably.

6.39 PM: Neftali Feliz is kind of awesome, no? Hit 101 on the gun. And this is after a four hour rain delay, too.

6.54 PM: I am kind of half paying attention right now. Four hour rain delays and an incredibly depressing sweep at the hands of the Angels has taken a lot out of me. The US has two on with two out in the second.

7.04 PM: Montero grounds out on the first pitch he sees in that AB.

7.10 PM: Gotta be pretty cool to hit a HR in the Futures Game. I imagine for some of these players first time ever in a major league park.

7.29 PM: Inspiring. Tyson Gillie's personal story is well worth it.