Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Travelling Halladay?

The big news this morning is the rumor that the Blue Jays appear to be shopping Roy Halladay--and that they're willing to deal within the AL East.

I have seen trade proposals ranging from Hughes, Romine, Jackson and Montero to Canó, Hughes and Jackson...on and on. I've even seeing a frightening number of proposals that would also have the Yankees taking on Vernon Wells' contract--which may easily be one of the five worst in all of baseball.

If I am the Yankees I stay far, far away from a Halladay trade.

Remember, this team also stayed away from trading for Santana, and while it's too soon to tell for sure if the non-trade worked, the non-trade did allow the team to sign Sabathia and Burnett in the off-season.

Nevermind a very clear lesson learned: if a team is willing to trade someone within their own division, it likely means that they know something about that player that you don't.

At the very least, Halladay would cost the Yankees one of Hughes or Joba, Melancon and probably Montero, too.

You can't predict the future, sure, but this is simply way too much to give up for a starter on the other side of thirty and coming off of a groin injury.

If the Yankees were to sign Halladay as a free agent, it'd be an entirely different story, but as far as trades go, I don't touch this one.