Friday, July 31, 2009

Now that 4.01 PM has come and gone...

The Yankees were relatively quiet on the trade front today, acquiring utility infielder for minor-league catcher Chase Weems.

They did not acquire a pitcher, though it is important to remember that waiver deals may be made until the end of August.

There's lot to digest here, but it comes down to the following:

the Yankees upgraded their bench at relatively little cost, which means Cody Ransom's days are numbered, and while the Red Sox acquired Victor Martinez, it has nowhere near the impact it would have had the Sox gotten Adrian Gonzalez or Roy Halladay.

That the Yankees didn't get a pitcher like Brian Bannister is intriguing only because it was supposedly the relatively miniscule amount of cash that kept the deal from getting done. Still, it's important to consider that as fans we do not have all of the information, and there may have been other factors at work.

Only time will tell if the Yankees were winners by standing pat.

Last season we thought Nady, Marte and Pudge would have the Yankees all in, and then not only did the 2008 team miss the playoffs, but none of those three are helping the Yankees this year.

Baseball's a funny game.